NASA launches the largest project to study UFOs in the atmosphere of our planet

After recent hearings in the US Congress on the subject of UFOs, the US government instructed NASA to take on part of the work of finding unidentified flying objects. The military admitted their impotence - they can only record individual phenomena, but do not understand their origin. Specialists from the National Intelligence proved to be more competent and divided the cases of encounters with UFOs into five categories.

In the current interpretation by the US authorities, UFO phenomena should be divided according to the following principle: airborne interference, natural atmospheric phenomena, the latest US technology, foreign technology, and the item “other”. NASA is instructed to deal with the first two categories of phenomena, and the activities of the agency will be fundamentally separated from the work of the US Department of Defense so that they do not interfere with each other.

At the first stage, which will take nine months, NASA specialists must develop a methodology for collecting and analyzing data on unusual phenomena in the atmosphere of our planet. As Thomas Zurbuchen, deputy director of science at NASA headquarters, explained, this project is likely to create a new kind of science. The search for hypothetical aliens fades into the background, much more humanity is interested in what is happening in our home world.