Mojo Vision Develops Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

On June 23, Drew Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision, personally tested the Mojo Lens, a prototype smart contact lens capable of supporting augmented reality. Today it is the smallest wearable device with such functions, and it has every chance to finally force augmented reality headsets out of the market, which have not become popular. Mojo Vision has already been awarded contracts to develop useful applications for its lenses.

This device has the smallest screen on the planet - a MicroLED display with a diameter of only 0.5 mm. Computing power is provided by the 5 GHz ARM Core M0 chip, a radio module and a set of accelerometers and gyroscopes were placed on the lens body to control the position of the eyes. All control is based on the analysis of the movement of the eyeball and the change in the shape of the pupil - you do not have to press any buttons.

Mojo Lens is equipped with a medical grade micro-battery that provides a day of work on a single charge, wireless charging. The functionality of the lenses is still being worked out, at this stage they can display prompts on the screen and partially correct the image for people with visual impairments. It is stated that the lenses do not interfere with normal vision and are intended for everyday wear.

Manufacturer Mojo Lens positions them as an invisible assistant for all occasions, but acknowledges that the use of lenses will be limited to medical indications. Nothing is yet known about the timing of the market launch, the price of Mojo Lens will approximately correspond to the cost of a flagship smartphone.